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Client Testimonials



"Working with Christina has been like stepping into a beautiful realm of self-discovery. She supported me in exploring my desires and values in a partnership. Instead of telling me what to do, they empowered me to find my own answers, which in turn, elevated my self-worth and clarity about what I seek. Her unique way of phrasing questions ignited introspection and illuminated my path forward. I'm really grateful for this step in my journey of self-growth that has been started by her."

Health Coach

"I started working with Christina in a coaching relationship and expected to have a good experience. I didn't realize how special Christina really was and how much I would gain from our experience together. She really recognizes special things about you, as a client, that you don't even see in yourself and works to cultivate those into your own beliefs. She supported me in a way that is going to have long-lasting results. She has a gift for what I think of as 'kind accountability.' She never forgets what you said you were going to do and gently and in a supportive way, always keeps you on track. She has a calming presence, is not rushed, and is always authentic in her approach. I really enjoyed working with Christina and am blessed to know that I will get to continue watching her in her coaching business and all of the success her clients will experience from working with her. I not only think of her as my coach but as a special friend and colleague. Thank you, Christina, for everything you have done for me in our coaching relationship! I am forever grateful."

Wellness Coach

"Christina was a great coach to work with! She helped me move on from a toxic relationship and to take a stance for myself. She took the time to understand my situation and to appreciate me for my gifts. She was my trusted advisor and helped me move on from some tough times. Her passion for coaching is true and she is so open-minded to the needs of her clients. You’ll love working with her!"

Business Coach & Copywriter

“Christina is full of compassion, easygoing, and super knowledgeable about self-care. She will guide you towards realizing what you're already doing well and provide valuable insights into new routines or boundaries to build on, so it fits your lifestyle. It always felt safe and carefree while working with Christina. I would totally recommend her for life coaching!”

Intuitive Life Coach

“Christina is a wonderful coach. She helped me work through some pretty deep-seated insecurities and trust issues I have in my current relationship due to previous relationships and my childhood. She gave me some great resources also in terms of moving through these feelings of insecurity and trust. I also felt safe running things by her and asking for her outside perspective and feedback, since I feel that outside perspective is so powerful, that they can often see things a bit clearer than those of us who are in it and so close to it. I am really excited to try the couple's workbook she recommended for me and my boyfriend!”

Mindset Coach

“Christina has been an amazing life coach. She is not only an extraordinary listener but also someone who is able to ask powerful questions that led me to the answers I needed! She guided me through the whole process of setting up the digital parts I needed to build my brand. Now I am fully ready to get my business running! I’m ready to attract more clients through my digital marketing!”

Course Creator for Coaches

“Christina helped me get my thoughts together and set achievable goals for my life and career. During my sessions, I was honestly all over the place. Christina actively listened and helped me gain clarity.”

Mindset Coach

"I was able to get an understanding of my situation with Christina's help. I wanted to work with her on my relationship patterns and wanted help understanding why I had certain thought patterns and limiting beliefs, and I came out on the other side a few months later with a sense of peace. Christina is a caring and understanding coach, I really enjoyed working with her.”

Licensed Esthetician

“Christina was very professional, prepared, and understanding of my lifestyle. She helped me set up goals that were realistic and achievable. I never once felt stressed over any of the goals set and even created ‘rewards' for my accomplishments. I was able to achieve a lot without ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It really surprised me how I was able to find so much time to do what I needed to do. I felt supported with her in my corner. She broke down everything that I needed to do into ‘small bites.’ The smaller bites were easier to accomplish and felt great achieving so much!"

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